Tip Toeing Habits

I have a four year old nephew that has developed this habit of walking on his tippy toes, especially when he is running. It’s a habit that his mom has yet to be able to break. At this point in his young life, He is simply just used to it. He gets redirected, yet retreats right back to that old, subconscious, comfortable habit of walking on his tip toes.


Sometimes we subconsciously develop habits that don’t always benefit us in the long wrong. Someone believes we have wronged them and we know in our hearts that we didn’t and we do out best to be cautious around them. We word our conversations strategically not to offend that individual. Wanting desperately to keep things on good terms. Purposely praying the actually hear what you are saying and not what they chose to hear.


You try. In the midst of trying. You realize boundaries have been broken. Trust has gone completely out of the window. And insecurities have superseded the facts of the situation. (I would say truth but my truth may not actually be the same as someone else’s.) And the facts of the situation have been buried under past hurts that have yet to be dealt with. And now we have to be mindful of what we say and how we say what we say to guarantee that others are not offended.


We tip toe. We step cautiously. We diminish our character. We get caught in our thoughts and change our demeanor, all to protect the individual who doesn’t even have out best interest in mind. We tip toe. Praying not to be misinterpreted, praying to be understood. Distracted from the fact that although we handled things in the right manner, someone was bound to be offended.


And you know what its okay.


Now that you recognize that tip toeing around individuals is not healthy for your well-being or your sanity, Stop it! If you know in the depths of your soul that you have handled things appropriately, keep it pushin’. Do not allow yourself to get caught up in what could possible turn into a journey pf people pleasing. Have a conversation is the need arises, but do not develop the habit of losing yourself by tip toeing habitually.


Although the nephew runs on his tip toes, each time he is redirected, he is reminded that he has the ability to walk with both feet flat on the floor. Just like him, we are capable of learning and maintaining new healthy habits that will benefit us in the long run. Tip toeing around others should never be an option. Standing up for yourself, respectfully, showing yourself self-love and keeping boundaries are will benefit you in the long wrong.


So, lets not tip toe around people, or our problems. Avoidance is never the answer.





Perhaps you hit a snag. You have an assignment to complete and something or someone seems to be more of a hindrance than a blessing.

It’s possible that the heat has been turned up on the process to completion and quitting seems more feasible than striving.

Complaining/venting brings more assurance than planning. And shutting down/stepping away becomes a vital part of the plan.

You pray. You scream. You cry. You vent. You read your Word. Worship Pray. And still… Nothing changes.

Nothing changes.

But You.

You change.

See every assignment is designed to teach you something. To stretch you in some way, shape or form. If God sent you, It was for a reason. There is something you have to gain or maybe even lose through the experience.

Learning how to go through properly is essential for your growth. Setting boundaries, even in Ministry/Leadership is imperative to your sanity and the sanity of those you work with. More importantly, being sure of your call/assignment supersedes everything else.

Your task will probably not go away. The pull to succeed may quite possibly increase, even when all hell is breaking loose around you. So it’s up to you to regroup. Develope another divine strategy. Stay your course no matter what.


This doesn’t include being walked over, disrepected or taken advantage of. This is about obeying God in a way that glorifies Him and gets the job done.

Although you may want to. And it may be easier. Don’t give up. Stay your course. Just change up the way in which you reach your destination.

You got this. And God’s got you.


💜Pastor Row

But Those Feelings are Legit

I sit back.

I watch.

I observe.

I learn.

Sometimes though….I cringe.

I become easily annoyed at how dismissive believers can be to the valid feelings of others. No we shouldn’t stay in our emotions. But we must acknowledge them, process through them so we can successfully move pass whatever state our emotions are in.

We don’t have the right to tell anyone their feelings aren’t valid. How about we help them process through instead of intiatiating an unhealthy situation.

Believers do more damage than good when our words become discouraging and our actions become damaging. As our “I don’t mean no harms” inflict more pain than our listening ear ever could.

We expect people to hear us out but will damn anyone who chooses to not match our methods of growth and change. Perhaps your path to healing has too many unnecessary obstacles. Detours that could have been avoided if one was given the opportunity to release, reflect, become revived and are than able to move forward. There is more than one strategy that works. I promise you there is.

I cringe at how damaging and judgmental our words become when conflict and gossip, drama and causing problems supersedes helping our brother or sister up when they fall. Instead it seems we enjoy the position of the downtrodden and become shocked as all get out when they are eventually able to stand on their own two feet.

What happend to carrying each others burdens (Galatians 6:2)?

We should be encouraging one another and building one another up (1 Thessalonians 5:11) not tearing each other down.

And about that conflict though…

I’ve learned to deal with conflict firstly, when I am calm and have processed my feelings. Personally, I’m not always able to express myself properly if my emotions are too high. So I choose majority of the time to pray and wait until I have calmed down. Than I address whatever the problem is head on. I know what works for me, so I do that. What works for one may not work for all.

No matter the situation, I am given the opportunity to learn about myself. My patience and tolerance level for certain things has changed tremendously. Because of Christ I can work right beside people who dog me behind my back and smile like nothings wrong. I can push my pain to the side to help others because I always chose to love like Christ.

The thought of others being treated poorly because of their emotional and mental differences makes me cringe.

My weapon of choice is prayer. And I choose to equip the ones affected/infected with the Word and a lesson in self love. I hate to see people’s insecurities played on.

It’s not cool. It’s not like Christ. It causes confusion. Aint nobody got time for that.

I sit back.

I watch.

I observe.

I learn.

I move accordingly.

I’m diffent and I love it.

I am Unstoppable.

Petty Maturity 2018

I don’t live my life according to standards of man. I have the tendency to make my own rules. Rules that coincide with principles I’ve learned from a biblical perspective.

See you can’t expect me to dislike someone just because you do. Especially when the actions of that individual haven’t proven what you perceive to be your reality.

Done is the day where He said and what She said is more important than what God has already said.

Tired is an understatement. And petty. Petty is becoming so over used. And the power of Kindness and prayer is being undervalued. Because people have seem to forgotten that prayer, it actually works. Praying for your enemy not only benefits them, but you too. It initiates growth and maturity. Instead the lack of integrity is proven low every time we choose to go low, instead of going high.

Real talk.

When do we grow up? When do we take the time to implement regular heart checks? Self examining our insecurities. And re evaluating our self worth. Whether we realize it or not, we tend to push our short comings onto others instead of embracing where we are in order to grow into who we are destined to become.

Why try to get in the middle of a friendship that has already successfully survived the test of time? Why exaggerate the struggle of another to make yourself look better? How does someone else’s downfall actually make others feel better?

It just doesn’t make any sense. It’s sad.

Living life by my own rules doesn’t mean I drag people through the dirt. It simply means I’m a Trendsetter. And I choose to set the example of better. Show others how to strive for divine excellence. And when they fall…I help them regain their strength rather than kick them when they are down.

Enough is enough.

There will always be more power in your prayers then in your petty.



June 2018

Thanks for joing our Challenge this monthe. Come on over and hang out with us in our Facebook Group.  You will be glad that you did.  ***Rowzina

  1. Accountability Check!!!!! Who do you have in your corner holding you accountable for your goals and aspirations in life?
  2. Affirmation cards anyone????? Print them. Read them. Believe what you’ve read. Freebie available in the Facebook group only!!!!
  3. Selfie Sunday!!!! Take a picture of you today. Post it in the comments below. And brag about you!!!!
  4. Goal Check!!!
  5. What was your word for the year? Are you applying it to your everyday life?
  6. UNPLUG!!! Leave the Screen Alone. Just for a little while anyway
  7. Phenomenal Woman By: Maya Angelou
  8. I give myself permission to…
  9. What made you smile today?
  10. Weekly Goal Check!!!
  11. Today is a No Complaint day!!! You can do it!!!
  12. Catch the Sunset tonight. Admire the stars. Just Breathe.
  13. Set those gratitude alarms! Be intentional about being thankful and grateful today.
  14. Eat and enjoy your favorite chocolate/candy.
  15. How can we pray for you today?
  16. Go for a walk. Take in the scenery.
  17. Goal Check!!!
  18. Bella, by Jamie Grace
  19. Compliment 5 people today!!!
  20. How will you stay cool this summer?
  21. Who inspires you? Tell us why.
  22. Follow Friday!!! Post your Instagram Handle. Write a reply of something positive on each person’s comment. Then go follow them!!!
  23. Goal Check!!!
  24. Share one of your favorite childhood memories with us.
  25. Every time you see your reflection today, compliment yourself.
  26. Make your favorite meal.
  27. Do your favorite line dance.
  28. Smile on purpose today!!!
  29. Sing in the shower today as loud as you can.
  30. Reward yourself!


Come and join the Facebook Group.  Lets have some fun!!!!


M a y  2 0 1 8

  1. Create a gratitude Journal/Log for the Month of May. It can be a list in your planner. Index cards on a ring. A Junk Journal. Let’s be intentional about being grateful this month. Enjoy the creative process.
  2. Write down 10 interestingly positive facts about yourself.
  3. Sign up for an Event or Class in your area. Come back and tell us all about the experience.
  4. Set aside time to read daily. What’s on your reading List? #sharethewealth
  5. So. What would young younger self be proud of you for today?
  6. Weekly Goal Call!!! What’s your goal(s) for this week? Make a list. Make a plan. Put it in your planner. On your wall. Make it colorful. Plan your week.
  7. Doodle Day. Doodle Away! Doodle all your cares away.
  8. Take a Bubble Bath..
  9. Setting boundaries
  10. 21 Days of Affirmations/I Am Statements (Info will be in the group)
  11. Sip your favorite cup of tea. Stop by your favorite coffee shop. Savor the moment. Just Be.
  12. Everytime you see your reflection today, Compliment yourself.
  13. Happy Mother’s Day. Enjoy time with your Mom or Mom figure today. Write them a letter. Tell them/show them how much you love them.
  14. Weekly Goal Call!!!
  15. Color Today. Inside the Lines. Outside the lines. Enjoy the process. Relax.
  16. U N P L U G!!!
  17. Watch your favorite Childhood Cartoon today.
  18. What is one choice you can make today that the future you will thank you for?
  19. Make your favorite meal. Enjoy it. Share your favorite recipe.
  20. Weekly Goal!!!
  21. DeClutter your Social Media. Unfollow anyone who does you no good.
  22. Laugh Today! On Purpose.
  23. Compliment 5 people today.
  24. Today is a Complaint Free Day. You can do it!!!
  25. Complete a puzzle today.
  26. Write a silly poem.
  27. Weekly Goal!!!
  28. Celebrate Your own personal Freedom. You are no longer bound by what once had you stuck.
  29. Schedule a power nap today.
  30. Create/Send someone Happy Mail today!!!
  31. Reward yourself.






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Here’s March’s months installment of #UnstoppableTime. Glad you decided to join us. Have some fun. Take just a few minutes or more a day and enjoy a little more focus on yourself. Share with someone. Join the Facebook group. #beUnstoppableChallenge Get to know you better. Post it. Journal it. Think about it. Remember #sharingiscaring.

1. What are your March goals? How do you plan to get them done?
2. What would you try if you had no possibility of failing?
3. Choose 2-3 affirmations you will use to help you succeed this month.
4. Write someone a thank you letter.
5. Make a list of all the people you love and care about.
6. Take a good look at that list. Does everyone on there has you best interest in mind.
7. Name something that excites you.
8. Are you an introvert, extrovert or both? Why?
9. What’s your favorite color? How does that color make you feel?
10. Who are you most inspired by?
11. Declutter Day!!! How’s that email inbox looking?
12. U N P L U G
13. Take a picture of something in nature. Admire it. Write about it.
14. Set Gratitude alarms.
15. What books are on your reading list? Pick one and Read it.
16. Describe your dream vacation.
17. Watch and share your favorite motivational video.
18. Rock Green today!!!! Post your pictures. Have fun with it.
19. Choose one habit you’d like to develop and commit to doing it.
20. Smile. On purpose today.
21. What’s on your bucket list?
22. Eat chocolate. Or whatever your favorite sweets are?
23. Go ahead. Look in the mirror. What do you see?
24. Describe your dream date.
25. Take a Bubble Bath. Give yourself a facial. Paint your nails.
26. Write a silly poem.
27. What made you smile today?
28. What are your plans for the summer?
29. Get dolled up on purpose today.
30. Reward yourself!!!
31. So. Did you meet your March goals?

Any questions, feel free to ask.

Always #beUnstopppable.


The Cost

Your obedience to God will cost you some things. Sleep. Friends. Family. Relationships. Pride. Humility. Positions. Promotions. Engagements. Contracts. Opportunities. Your life.

Often times you’ll be looked at crazy. Your sanity will come under inspection. Your ability to accurately hear the voice of God will probably, severely come into question. Your loyalty, integrity and character will be on trial as if those things were ever more important than the voice of God.

Obey God anyway. Trust God anyway. Place some works behind your faith and do what God has purposed you to do.

Your obedience and your faith in God will open more doors than any man or woman ever can. People have no Heaven or Hell to put you in.

Go for It. Prove Jesus right. Obey His voice. Follow His lead. Trust ya Holy Ghost. Then take a moment to watch God work.

The best opportunities are God ordained. Please don’t think you are missing out on anything because you choose to obey God. Know that if God gave you the vision He has to be with you every step of the way. And doing things His way always works out for your good.

Believe that.
“If it ain’t intentional, It ain’t worth my time.”

💜 Rowzina



H E L L O J A N U A R Y !!!

Happy New Year Beautiful!

Welcome to an opportunity to spend a bit more focused time on you. Some call it Self Care. I’m Calling it #UnstoppableTime. Time well spent making sure you do not forget about you.

We all need some intentional “Me Time.” My prayer is that this challenge encourages you to focus on yourself on purpose.

We are much better when we do things together. So join in on the fun. Here’s the link to the Facebook group: #beunstoppableJanChallenge

  1. What’s your January goal? Write down what steps you need to take to accomplish this goal. As a bonus, pick one thing you can reward yourself for accomplishing said
  2. I have loved the word Unstoppable for years. It really keeps me going. Define Unstoppable. Repeat the Definition until you believe every word it says. Now live that way.
  3. Every time you see your reflection, in a mirror, car window or your phone, compliment yourself.
  4. Imagine you were a Super Hero, with Super Hero powers. What would your name be? What would your special powers entail? What enemies would you conquer?
  5. I Love Myself Because… Make a list. Check it twice. Embrace the wonderfulness that you are.
  6. Go on!!! You know you want to!!! Take a Bubble Bath. Give yourself a Soak your feet. Just take a moment to RELAX. You deserve it.
  7. Write a letter to your younger self
  8. Set a gratitude alarm. When the alarm goes off say out loud what it is you are thankful for.
  9. R.A.K. Perform a random act of kindness. Bless 3 people just because today.
  10. Do something childlike Swing on a swing. Slide down the slide. Jump rope. Do tricks in a hula hoop. Just. Be. Free.
  11. Journal Day!!!! If you had to have a conversation with fear, how would it go?
  12. Record 10 reasons why you are thankful.
  13. Watch something that makes you laugh.
  14. What’s your biggest dream?
  15. Now Map It Out. Put your dream down on paper. Make a plan.
  16. UNPLUG!!!!
  17. Have a Dance Let loose. Enjoy.
  18. Encourage/pray for at least 5 people today.
  19. It, Go. Stop holding on to that one thing that seems to have been holding you hostage. You deserve it. You deserve to be free. Let It Go. Need help. Let me know.
  20. BRAG DAY!!!! Tell us who you really are!!!
  21. Forgive yourself. You oh yourself that much.
  22. Every time you see your reflection, in a mirror, car window or your phone, compliment
  23. What’s in a Name? Create your own personal name Acronym.
  24. Who does God say that you are?
  25. Color a Picture.
  26. Go for a 15 minute walk. Notice the moon. Count the stars. Enjoy the night air. Do something on purpose to help you relax.
  27. Some of us choose a Focal Word for the year. Revisit your word. Is being intentional with that word helping you out at all?
  28. Give yourself Permission to… What’s that one thing you refuse to do or say because someone else has a problem with it? Do you boo!!!! Do that thing.
  29. What’s your favorite Affirmation? Which Affirmation do you choose when your day doesn’t go as planed?
  30. DeClutter!!!!, Pick one place in your home or office and free up some space. Get organized. It just might make you feel better!!!
  31. Reward Yourself!!!

Go on now hunny. And #beUnstoppable